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Headquartered in mid-town Toronto, our office is filled with an eclectic team of people who live and breathe design. RIGHTSLEEVE began with an inventive approach to integrating design and products — our team embodies that spirit.

Our goal is simple: When someone gets a piece of your swag, we want them to respond by saying "I love this."

Commitment to Quality

Coming up with the perfect branded merchandise is no simple feat but it is one that we are committed to. We track trends, find cool new ideas, and source high-quality, innovative products. From the time that your start a project with us to the time it is delivered and beyond, your dedicated RIGHTSLEEVE team goes the extra mile to make sure you're satisfied.

On the phone, by email, in person, by tweet, by Facebook, in the rain, on a train — we keep our clients in the loop to make sure all bases are covered and needs are met.

A Different Approach

We design and deliver with a great attention to detail, ensuring that the branded merchandise is true to your brand.

We have done away with traditional catalogues and showing you images of products with “YOUR LOGO HERE”.

Instead, we talk to you about your brand, your audience, your people and then curate a selection of products that will work for you -- ensuring that your brand stays front and centre. Branded merchandise is a medium, the message is your brand and we can help you deliver it in the best way possible.

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A logo wears the merchandise, not the other way around. We want our products to enhance your brand, not simply wear it. Promotional merchandise without creativity and design is a missed opportunity.

Let’s work together to design branded merchandise collections that get people talking.

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